Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Researcher: Danes fear muslims

In his book "The conflict about the new Danes", written by the Jens Peter Frølund Thomsen, associated professor at Aarhus University, he states that 40% of the Danes consider Islam as a threat to the Danish Democracy. This number comes from a survey from 2002, where 1500 people were asked to complete a questionaire of about 70 questions about their attitude towards ethnic minorities. From the answers he concludes:

»There is almost a hostile attitude amongs the Danes towards immigrants and refugees, who have Islam as a religion. 40% of all danes consider Islam as a threat to the Danish democracy.«

»The immigration issue have been most important in many years and will continue to be so for a long time, and here I want to see if we can do thing differently. That, I believe, is the duty of researchers. We need to point at problems, and then other must figure out what needs to be done.«
says the associated professor.«

Since the survey was made in 2002, I guess the number of Danes who considers Islam to be a threat has gone up by now as more and more people have become aware of what Islam is about and generally not liking muslims after what happened during the Muhammed Cartoon Controversy. And I also believe that most Danes don't consider it a problem that we have a healthy scepticism or even feel antagonistic towards Islam, and though people might fear Islam and a possible Islamic terror attack on Denmark – I don't believe that fear is the right word to use with respect to the Danes attitude towards Islam – disdain, anger, frustration and insecurity is probably more accurate emotions use!


Anonymous Rick said...

Nations do not belong to governments. governments run a protection racket and a minority takes the majority hostage. Typically the unrepresentative clique which forms a government has more affinity to other unrepresentative cliques than to the mainstream of the nation.

This is unforuntately the way modern administered democracy functions with a tendency to resemeble Lenin's "Bolshevik" minority rather than the broad-mass of opinion.

For this reason ordinary people may need to repatriate political power away from the clique and back to the mainstream, to reclaim their sovereignty over their own lives, to withdraw support from unrepresentative cliques who seek to impose their will upon the majority by accessing the reins of power

16 August, 2006 07:28  
Blogger Exile said...

Well I thought Rick put that very well.
Nice Post.

Oh, and thanks for the link earlier.

16 August, 2006 22:51  

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