Sunday, August 06, 2006

Premature Detonation

If you ever are contemplating a suicide mission you might want to consider not riding a bike on bumpy roads with fully armed explosives attached to your body... or you might end up blown to bits in a nearby ditch, not the way to go to become a martyr and be welcomed in Islam's Heavenly Brothel...

Man exploded on bicycle
From Ekstra Bladet, August 6, 2006
Translation: Zonka

A suicide bomber exploded early Sunday on his bicycle, when his bomb belt exsploded prematurely. The police have afterwards found his head.

Early Sunday morning in the town of Hub in the Southwestern Pakistan a loud boom was heard, caused by an exploding suicide bomber.

Fortunately only the suicide bomber himself was killed. His bomb belt went off by an error, when the terrorist was on his way on a bicycle towards his target, says the police according to Fox News.

- This man came driving on his bike. He had secured explosives to his body, so that he was ready for his suicide attack, when the bomb suddenly went off, says the local chief of police, Munir Hussein.

Afterwards the man's head was found.

It is yet uncertain what target the man had chosen, but it is being investigated.

In the Baluchistan where the town of Hub is located, there have previously been attacks on gas pipes.


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