Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Difference between IDF and the opposition

The IDF unlike their opponents tries to avoid killing civilians, and to that end they often announces where they will strike in advance either by fliers, radio announcements or even calling residents in target areas by phone, giving them a chance to get away before the boms falls. Something that you cannot say about the opposition, that gladly target civilian areas with rockets filled will ball bearings, designed to maximize civilian death count on impact, and naturally no warnings are given.

But even the tactics of warning the civilians are seen as a sinister psychological warfare of the IDF:

From: LA Times, August 1, 2006:

Last week, many Khan Younis residents answered the phone and heard a recorded warning message in Arabic. The Israeli army also has broken in on the frequency of the Hamas radio station to broadcast warnings.

In all cases the message was similar: Don't harbor militant fighters or store weapons for them. Those who do will place themselves in harm's way.

"It's intense psychological pressure," said Abu Ahmed, a spokesman for Islamic Jihad. "They're trying to force the civilians to drive the resistance away from the civilian population centers."


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