Saturday, July 29, 2006

New Trend in Danish Asylum Policy?

More Christian Quota Refugees in Denmark
Danmarks Radio July 28, 2006
Translation: Zonka

The Social Liberals wants the Minister of Integration, Rikke Hvilshøj to explain, why Denmark is receiving more and more Christian Quota Refugees.

In the last three years more Christian refugees have arrived in Denmark, shows a survey conducted by DR's P3 News and Radioavisen have made.

When »Udlændingeservice« (»The Integration Authorities« -- ed) travels to the refugee camps of the world to find the 500 quota refugees that will be received in Denmark, it is no longer only muslims who are selected.

– We no longer received those that have the greatest need of protection, but those who are more like to ourselves, says Integration Speaker from the Social Liberals Morten Østergaard.

Votes with the Law
For many years Denmark have mainly received quota refugees from the Middle-Easr, but in the last three years several hundred refugees have arrived in Denmark from Burma and Africa with Christian background.

Morten Østergaard believes that the increase in Cristian refugees is conveniently coinciding with a law that went into effect about a year ago, which instructs Udlændingeservice to prioritize the quota refugees with the best integration potential.

Christians are good at Integration
It has been demonstrated that integraton of Christian refugees are going quite well, they quickly acquire a Danish network though their association with the church.

According to the UN Conventions a country are not allowed to use religion as a criteria when they select refugees, who will be granted residence permission, and Denmark isn't doing so, says department head of Udlændingeservice Birgit Petersen.

– It's a coincidence that there have been more Christian refugees in the last years, she says.

I hope to God, that this random coincidence will continue, and that Udlændingeservice will continue to prioritze those refugees that have the best Integration Potential and if that coincidentally happens to be non-muslims so much the better. Could we please get another law that states that only people who have shown consistent integration and allegiance to their new country will be granted citizenship, and those on residency permission will have to show the same to get permanent residency permission.

And for Rikke Hvilshøj, please explain to Morten Østergaard and others who think like him, that there unfortunately are a lot of refugees in the world, and most of those that need to be granted asylum are non-muslim minorities persecuted and oppressed by muslims, and many of the muslim refugees are not truly refugees – but people who wants to take advantage of our welfare system... and have no problem returning to the countries that they supposedly fled in fear of their life, for extended vacations as just recently seen with the 5000+ "Danes" that were caught in the hostilities in Lebanon!


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