Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Who Supports an Immediate Cease Fire in the Middle-East?

[Middle East Cease Fire pro/con]
[Front page of »Information« 2006.07.24]

Sadly less than a handful of nations are supporting Israel in it's struggle to protect its people and its existence... So far it seems like the only real supporters that Israel have is the USA, Denmark and the United Kingdom... though apparently the U.K. is unfortunately getting a case of cold feet!

I'm proud that my Country is among those that supports Israel in its righteous campaign against Hizbollah and Hamas, and not puting pressure on Israel to enter a premature cease fire, that will only serve to maintain status quo, which is an intollerable situation where Israeli citizens have to live in fear within their own country, waiting for the day when their enemies get strong enough to push them into the sea, which have been the ambition of the arab states since the creation of Israel in 1948.

And it's not only the Danish government that is on the side of Israel, also the leading newspapers:

  • Israel is at war, Israel is under attack. In that light we must all be Israelis these days [Editorial in Jyllands-Posten]

  • Israel is the defending part. It is Hamas and Hizbollah, whic threatens Israel on two fronts, and does it with deliberate attacks on civilians, while Israel is making an effort to minimize civilian casualties.[Editorial in Berlingske Tidende]

  • The situation in the Middle-East calls for standing clearly on the side of Israel. Israel have been subjected to assaults that no civilized country can tolerate: Unprovoked Hizbollah have crossed Israels borders, taken soldiers as hostages and bombarded civilian Israelis with rockets. [Editorial in B.T.]


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