Saturday, July 22, 2006

Demonstrations in Copenhagen

Saw on LGF that a thousand strong demonstration against Israel took place in Copenhagen... The demonstration was considerably smaller, only about 500... and mostly lebanese and Hizbut-Tahir supporters. A very small demonstration, given that just about 5000 "Danes" just returned from their interrupted "vacation" in Lebanon, courtesy of the Danish Foreign Ministry.
Friday about 500 lebanese and supporters participated in a demonstration from Nørrebro to the Town Hall Square in Copenhagen, demanding that Israel terror should be stopped. The demonstration was arranged by Hizbut-Tahir, who on their homepage wrote ?to stop the the terror of the jewish state in Lebanon and Palestine?.

But of course there were also a demonstration in support for Israel, with participation of the chief rabbi Bent Lexner. And in contrast to the angry "Allahu Akbar" shouting crowd, these demonstrators called for thought, prayer, singing and compassion!

Also note the presense of both Danish and Israeli flags, symbolizing solidarity between Denmark and Israel, something that the Hizbut-Tahir demonstrators wouldn't dream on carrying. Their demonstration had nothing to do with Denmark, it just happened to be the place that these people were!

Sources for the story: Ekstra Bladet, Little Green Footballs, Snaphanen


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