Monday, July 03, 2006

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An Armchair Analysis of the Signs of Our Times

I have been thinking for a while to write this article for a while now, because I think it sums up the issues that we're facing quite nicely and it has helped me to put things into perspective. We're now standing at a nexus in time, where the future is being forged, and while that is more or less true for all points in time, this time it is very important, because our societies and cultures are under threats, both from outside and from within, and is most likely doomed.

Our way of life is about to end
The predominant culture in the Western world, is a product of the Renaissance and the Age of Reason -- the separation of state and church, the enlightened democracy and hard-won liberty and freedom ideals. But along the way corruption have set in on almost all fronts -- we no longer believe strongly in the foundations of our own culture, we have lost our moral compass, and we have become disillusioned, cynical and divided, all the signs of a culture in the process of tearing itself apart.

We are searching for answers in all places but are automatically rejecting those that comes from our own history and culture! We're rejecting our Judeo-Christian roots, and in the process losing our moral compass. We're rejecting individual responsibility and virtues like integrity, dignity and honor, giving up those qualities and assigning the blame to a faceless entity called "society". We have come to the point where we automatically considers our own culture corrupt and responsible for everything that has gone wrong, and is thus seraching for the answers in other cultures.

And thus started the Cultural Relativism, where all cultures are considered equal, equally good or equally bad! And this also implied the roots of the cultures involved, so we have a Religious Relativism as well. This sounds good on the surface, and like an extension of the liberty, equality and freedom slogan handed down to us from the French and American Revolutions. But the problem is that not all cultures, religions or ideologies are equally good, and they're certainly not compatible, and to try to mix and match -- take a little from each and trying to make a whole out of the pieces is a recipe for disaster.

Barbarians at the gate
If we can learn anything from history, this is not the first time and it will almost certainly not be the last time, that a culture have faced this problem. History is like a pendulum swinging back and forth from mono-culture to multi-culture and back again to mono-culture! From the Hellenistic culture, through the culture of the Roman Empire to the religious wars in Europe -- when a culture stops being a mono-culture, it starts to fall apart and disintegrate. It is happening to our culture at the moment and as it usually happens; vandals and barbarians are knocking on the gates threatening our culture.

As history shows there will most likely be a clash between the cultures, most likely leading to open war, and when the dust settles a new mono-culture will arise! Most people concentrate on the external foe, in this case Islam if they see it at all. However, Islam is only a part of the picture -- it wouldn't be a threat to us unless we were already weakened and divided! As Abraham Lincoln said in his A House Divided Speech in 1858: "A house divided against itself cannot stand." but more to the point here:
The result is not doubtful. We shall not fail -- if we stand firm, we shall not fail. Wise counsels may accelerate, or mistakes delay it, but, sooner or later, the victory is sure to come.
There is really no doubt in my mind that the threat from Islam will be defeated, the question is only how long it will take and the price it will take in doing so. As with any large scale conflict, nobody comes out on the other side unchanged.

The enemy within
If we were a cohesive culture, the external enemy wouldn't be a problem, we have ample means to protecting ourselves, we (the Western culture) are the predominant force on the face of the Earth, politically, economic and military. But when we as a culture is divided these strengths cannot be used efficiently, and as we have failed to make the point that our own culture is worth fighting for, more and more is seeing the opposition as the winning force and is aligning themselves with them.

This can be seen in the medias, with politicians and other public figures, who are gradually giving special treatment to the muslims, whether is is because of fear of terror attacks or because they want to be on the winning side or simply because they are in opposition to the current state of things -- The enemy of my enemy is my friend!

Can we avoid this conflict?
I don't think so. We have been in this conflict for more than 1300 years, and will have to face the same conflict as long as either side isn't defeated. On the other hand this is a defining point in time, where we each have to make our stand for what we believe and be ready to fight for it.

We can't go back to the way things were before, simply because that way didn't work, and paved the way for the current situation, and going back would only mean to have learned nothing from what have happened and repeating the same things again. Things will have to change, and change they will, whether we like it or not! But we can all be a part of affecting which way the change will go, simply by getting involved and gaining knowledge of what the situation really is, and figuring out where you stand and what is important to you!

If you believe in the Islamic course in creating the new Caliphate and a global Ummah by extending the Dar ul-Islam -- the House of Islam, then you will support that course and aid it! If you support the principles of democracy, liberty and freedom, you will have to be ready to defend those principles and standing up for them. There is no other options, those that think so are deluding themselves and will end up being the pawns of one or the other side, maybe winning a few concessions here and there but losing in the overall perspective.

But this is all too big for me!
If you believe this, then you have already given up, and giving your support for the forces against democracy, liberty and freedom! Yes I said forces (plural), since it's not just Islam, it's also forces within our own society, who might think that they can use the forces of Islam to their own purposes to change our societies, but they only succeed in destabilizing our societies and thus becoming pawns of Islam, who will be the stronger force.

So it is very much up to you and me to take a stand in this and to make our stand for what we believe. It is not up to the politicians, and it never were -- The politicians never really form the future, they give voice and structure to the currents in the population.

How to get involved?
The best way is by seeking information and knowledge, on both sides, and make an informed information about which side you're aligned most with, and then lend your help to the side that you ultimately support, and the side that you want to win. And if you come out with the "But neither side is what I want!" then think: Which side will let you voice your views?

I know which side I'm on, do you know which side you're on?


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